Five Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

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Bathrooms are an essential aspect of our homes, and we’d all agree that we have made extra efforts to maintain them, especially when guests have to arrive. More than the bathroom’s visual appeal, it is its utility that makes them stand out.

Bathroom contractors such as us at Anew Bath Concepts & Cleaning Service can provide you with remodeling and design services with a bonus in cleaning services. They focus on providing quality solutions within the client’s budget. They assist in bringing out the best of your bathroom space.

To help you take advantage of all the benefits available, we’ve listed five ways to make your small bathroom look bigger.

Tip #1: Utilize savvy storage
No one likes the idea of a cluttered bathroom. You can categorize the items available to clear up the shelves. Some products needed every day can be stored in clear boxes to make your bathroom appear clean and organized. Other products that are required to be kept out of sight can be stored in cabinets under the sink.

Tip #2. Ditch the curtain
Adding curtains is an excellent way of changing the overall look of any space, but in bathrooms, vibrant colors and loud patterns can have a visually shrinking effect in a small bathroom space. You can experiment with clear glass style shower screens/doors, making the space appear bigger.

Tip #3: Experiment with neutrals to give a luxurious appeal
By keeping it minimal, you can give your bathroom a luxurious look. Use neutrals to enhance the overall mood of the space by introducing the bathroom to soft and soothing colors. Anew Bath Concepts has decorative shower and tub wall panels in neutral-warm colors like “Marina Oak Gray.” These panels are highly durable and light in weight. Many of our Anew Wall Panel options offer the effect of marble and stones without being too heavy both in weight and on your pocket. 

Tip #4: Make use of a shower seating
A bathroom space should be designed to provide comfort and warmth after a long tiring day. A folding wall mount shower seat will enhance the shower experience and safety. Our experts at Anew Bath Concepts can offer practical tips to help clients get stylish solutions and make the most out of their shower space regardless of its size.

Tip #5: Create a focal point
You can make your bathroom space personalized by adding an element of art that reflects your personality. This art could be in the form of a unique wall painting or a statement vanity mirror. It will also provide a focal point to the overall look of your bathroom and make it look more lively.

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