Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are bathroom remodel estimates/consultations free?
  • You asked me about a budget for my bathroom remodel project, why?
  • If we accept your estimate, what is the next step(s)?
  • How long will bathroom remodel project take to complete?
  • How long will our water be shut off for project?
  • Do you guarantee your work/products?
  • Will you provide me with a work project schedule?
  • Will I be responsible for debris haul-off and mess clean-up following the project completion?

Yes, we offer free estimate/consultation visits. Generally, visits only take 30-45 minutes, and our estimates are often provided within 2 business days. Contact us at (217) 330-6406 or to schedule.

Budgets are important for everyone involved. Anew would like to do our very best to keep you at or under your expected budget while providing you the best quality and amazing bathroom products. We ask this because we do have 3 different shower/tub surround options, basically a “good”, “better” or “best” systems, this would steer us for which surround to offer that meets your budget guidelines.

Your next step after accepting our estimate is to remit the 60% deposit required to add you on our upcoming schedule. We prefer payment in check or cash however also offer by credit card for additional service fee of 3%.

Most full bathroom remodels average 7-9 business days and wet areas (shower/tub) only average 3-4 business days to complete.

Water is only shut off in the bathroom for approx. 1-2 hours for plumbing work to be completed on showers or tubs.

Anew does guarantee our work, we are fully insured and back the quality of our workmanship. All products carry varied manufacturer warranties, we provide this information after bathroom remodel project complete.

Anew will offer you a friendly reminder call 2-3 days before bathroom remodel project is expected to begin, then we email you a Google calendar invite for the duration of the project timeline. This invite has the planned start/end times along with other details for your project.

No, Anew will haul off all tear-out material from your home. Our staff will try to keep dust & mess to minimum (using drop cloths, keeping door closed, etc.) and we offer a complimentary bathroom project deep cleaning after completion (courtesy of our Anew Cleaning Services).