Six Bathroom Hacks To Maximize And Beautify Your Space

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When most people think of “small bathroom ideas,” they picture cramped shower stalls, dim lighting, and vanities stuffed to the gills. However, in this article, you shall find bathroom design ideas to help you make the most of the space you are working with. And while a small bathroom may mean making a few sacrifices on space, it can also be welcoming and comfortable. As experts in the field, we at Anew Bath Concepts have written down six bathroom hacks to maximize and beautify your space.

Hack #1: Save space while keeping a modern flair
You can save space while still maintaining a modern flair by installing floating or wall-mount vanities and toilets. These will generally measure smaller in size, allowing more open space with functionality and style.

Hack #2: Utilize recessed open shelving or floating shelf options in your bathroom space
This will provide additional storage for bathroom items while saving space. Not to mention the simple beauty they provide.

Hack #3: Stay clear of shower bases with integrated seating
Shower bases with integrated seating generally take away valuable space in your shower and typically become a storage place for your shower products rather than used for sitting. Instead, go with a standard shower base and install a wall-mounted folding shower seat. This will allow you to fold the seat up when not in use. This is typically made with teak and offers many finishes of hardware to match your other accessories. We can even offer customized wood options for your seating needs.

Hack #4: Use clear glass frameless or semi-frameless shower doors
To keep a modern, open feeling throughout your bathroom space, install frameless or semi-frameless clear glass shower doors. Anew Bath Concepts works with a US company that makes amazing shower doors for us, and they are made on-site and shipped within fourteen days generally.

Hack #5: Try barn-style entrance doors for your bathroom
Barn-style entry doors are a great option to save space in bathrooms. If you have the exterior entrance space available for barn-style doors, they look great and can set your bathroom design apart from others.

Hack #6: Contact Anew Bath Concepts
We will walk you through all the steps of your bathroom remodel, from designing the space, selecting shower/tub accessories, floor and paint options, and much more! We are fully insured and able to provide references from our previous satisfied clients (upon request).

At Anew Bath Concepts, we focus on the consumer, listen to their ideas, and provide options for all budgets. We will offer new and innovative products which are 100% waterproof, antimicrobial, and carry a lifetime warranty. You will never feel pressured by our design experts! We serve clients across Forsyth, Decatur, Springfield, Champaign, Shelbyville, Bloomington, and the surrounding areas.

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