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Are you looking for an alternative for your bathroom surround/wall? Not sure what you should use instead of ceramic tiles or acrylic surrounds? Let us help you with that. Enter waterproof wall panels! At Anew Bath Concepts, one of our premier products is to provide you with a tile look without the tile costs or maintenance. These waterproof wall panels are a great alternative to ceramic wall tiles or acrylic surrounds. What’s more, we can offer fashion-forward patterns to fit multiple interior design styles. Keep reading to know more about this waterproof wall panel system.

Anew Wall Panel System By Fibo

The wall system consists of full-height high-pressure laminated panels fitted directly onto the new ½” or ¾” plywood we install. The bathtub or shower wall surround option is made of seven-layer marine-grade birch plywood. The walls click, lock and seal together using the patented aqua lock system. It’s the “no-tile, tile wall!” You get the look, feel, and textures offered in tile, stone, and wood.

It is easy to clean and maintain, wash with soap and water or mild detergent. There are no joints for mold and mildew to build up. We give you a limited lifetime residential warranty with the product, along with 100% waterproof and antimicrobial assurance.

This wall panel system is designed to benefit anyone who likes the look of tile; however, they do not want to have the upkeep, and with a limited lifetime residential warranty, you know they will last. This is one of our many product options, and we market this system as the “best” option! Why? It is one of a kind, nothing else out there in bathtub or shower surround options.

Usually, this surround system ranges in price depending on the kit size required; on average, a three-wall large alcove is approximately $3,500.00 (this does not include labor for install).

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